Raid Data Recovery NYC

Raid Data Recovery NYC

Redundant Array of Independent Disks, RAID, is virtual data storage which combines several disks into one. Often, one of the disks that make up the RAID may fail to result in data loss. Some of the RAID failures may be;

  • A missing Raid partitions
  • A power outage to crush the RAID system
  • Formatted or deleted data from the RAID
  • Virus attack
  • Volume reconstruction issues
  • Faulty registry in the system
  • Wrong RAID configurations
  • Malfunctioned Controller

We list these causes so that our clients avoid them and are aware what is warranting a RAID data recovery. Here at Data Recovery NYC, we deal with all types of RAID data recoveries. Be sure to contact the experts as this is usually a wide area that is specific to your needs. The RAID data recovery service includes;

  • RAID 0 – utilizes disk striping to access data faster
  • • RAID 1 – utilizes Disk Mirroring to increase tolerance to fault in data access
  • RAID 5 – utilizes striping and parity
  • RAID 6 - utilizes striping with double parity
  • RAID 10 - Striping and Mirroring

We have RAID data recovery experts who offer professional advice depending on your RAID to see a successful recovery. With a 98% success rate, we believe that our certified Class 5 ISO clean rooms will recovery all your data.

One concern from past customers was the use of RAID server that crushed and had no backup to cause no boot up. Data Recovery NYC advices whenever such an error occurs, you should shut down the RAID system and not attempt any recovery or rebuild. Also, some people may try third party commercially available software, this is not advisable. Handling such recoveries with expert guidance may lead to permanent loss of data or recovery of data fragments that are corrupt. Immediately get in touch with Data Recovery NYC to help you in such scenarios.

Data Recovery NYC for your RAID data recovery

Depending on your RAID system, we have all specialist to attend to your need. Our team from the onset of customer care will respond with insightful information to facilitate faster service delivery. We have the capacity to recovery all types of RAIDs from all possible failures. Get in touch with us today.

Our RAID data recovery services guarantee

  • A 98% success rate on recoveries
  • Advanced data recovery facilities including class 10 ISO 5 clean room.
  • A 48-Hour Average Case Completion Time
  • Free inspection of your RAID system with free quotations
  • No Recovery, No Service Charge Guarantee