Exchange Data Recovery NYC

Exchange Data Recovery

Data Recovery NYC professionals have the experience in handing exchange data recoveries from various drives. With over a decade of professional services, continued software updates and recovery technological tools have made us the best in the industry. We pride in a 98% success rate for over 2000+ recoveries we have made. Contact us Now!

The exchange database is crucial as millions of user data is stored here. This also includes note, emails, calendar items, and contacts. The files have to be kept safe with periodical back ups to avoid data loss. However certain cases may lead to data loss, these include;

  • Corrupted database
  • Exchange data is damaged
  • Virus attacks
  • Physical damage on servers
  • Exchange server crashes

As this area has IT personnel who probably already understand the logistics in data loss prevention and recoveries. In case of a data breach or loss, the most viable solution is usually to restore from a recent data from a recent restore point. However, some case may require use of high-end resources and a team of experts to fully recover the data. This is where you call Data Recovery NYC. We will work along with your personnel and dispense highly effective tools to restore your exchange database.

The log files

An exchange serve is like a transaction of emailing systems. A transaction, from a technical point of view is a set of operations conducted against the database. They can be to update, insert, or delete data. On every transaction, a record is kept to track the changes within the database. The log files entail the transactions and incase of a failure, the log files are relied on for recovery. In certain instance where the log files are missing, Contact Data Recovery NYC for an expediate process to restore your database.

Data Recovery NYC will save your Exchange data

Regardless of the scenario, with or without the log files, Data Recovery NYC will assist in restoring your data. Contact us Now.

Our Exchange data recovery services offer;

  • A 98% success rate on recoveries
  • Advanced data recovery facilities including class 100 ISO 5 clean room
  • .
  • A 48-Hour Average Case Completion Time
  • Security Credentials Including SSAE 18 Type II Certification
  • No Recovery, No Service Charge Guarantee